Top 5 Defining Factors of Umran Malik’s Career

The Kashmiri Express, Umran Malik, was one of several notable features of the IPL’s 15th edition. With his breakneck speed, SRH’s speedster has lighted up IPL 2022. Since the start of IPL 2022, Umran Malik’s career has moved forward in leaps and bounds. He has come into the limelight of the cricketing world of the raw pace that he has displayed at a young age. So much so that many experts think the Kashmiri Express may also challenge Shoaib Akhtar’s record of fastest delivery.

Umran Malik in IPL 2022

IPL 2022 has brought about a revolution in Umran Malik’s career. The speedster fired a 157 kmph missile this season in the IPL that awestruck the cricketing fraternity from all over the globe. His 5 wicket haul vs Gujarat Titans can prove to be a career-defining performance. Even though he has been hot and cold this season, improvement is notable in his performance.

Umraan Malik
Umran Malik

Top Factors that could Define Umran Malik’s Career

Umran Malik is a young gun who’s only 22 years old. He is at the beginning of his career and has a lot to develop both physically as well as mentally. Raw pace is precious for every bowler, but only if he knows how to use it. Over the years we have seen fast bowlers with genuine pace couldn’t establish their authority in International cricket against quality batsmen who loves to work with pace. Thus besides having pace, it’s equally important to have the skill-set to trouble the batsman in order to succeed for long periods at the highest level of cricket. Here are the five major factors that could define his career in future:


  • The most severe factor that affects the career of a fast bowler is injury. At times, we have experienced that the careers of the best fast bowlers in the world are ruined because of injuries. Especially in the case of those that possess extra pace, it is an even bigger risk. Umran Malik being so much pacy also needs to address the issue of workload in every phase of his career in order to have a long one.
  • Accuracy is the most important skill-set to have for a fast bowler. Pace without accuracy doesn’t work at all in International cricket. The young speedster needs to work on his accuracy in order to build a long career.
  • Currently, considering the quality that the Indian bowling has reached, it is extremely difficult for a youngster to make their way into the squad. Providing consistent performances, especially in high-pressure matches is very important. The more consistent the performances are, the better it is for Umran Malik.
  • Besides the physical, stress also gets mental when one plays for a long interval of time. When things don’t go as per plan, it is absolutely important to keep a stable mind, stay away from the outside talks and focus on the process rather than the result. It’s a basic point for Umran Malik to be a successful international player.
  • Cricket has witnessed a number of talents fade away once a bit of fame is achieved. In order to be successful self-control is an important factor. Kashmiri needs to have his lifestyle under control for a long period of time. Then only he can serve the Nation for many years.

Final Words

Expectations are high from Umran as he slowly grows as a cricketer. The talent looks to be excitingly promising. Just that it needs to be shaped into a complete cricketer and a fearing fast bowler.


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