Top 5 Contenders for The AIFF President Post

Top 5 contenders for AIFF President Post

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) elections are about to take place before the next season. In this article Team Analystique will mention the top 5 contenders for the AIFF President post.

Ever since Praful Patel resigned from the post of the AIFF President after facing accusations from the Hon. Supreme Court of India, the AIFF is under major restructuring.

Top 5 Contenders for The AIFF President Post

1Aaditya Thackeray
2Subrata Dutta
3Shaji Prabhakaran
4Joydeep Mukherjee
5Tom Jose
Top 5 Contenders for The AIFF President Post

Aaditya Thackeray

Aaditya Thackeray, the son of Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, has been putting a lot of effort into enhancing the state’s football scene over the past ten years. For his outstanding work in expanding the scene in and around Mumbai, he was re-elected as the president of the Mumbai District Football Association earlier this year.

Two new, large, international-standard fields were built in Mumbai with Thackeray’s assistance; one of them is already ready and usable. Team Analystique expects him to have the highest probability of being elected the AIFF President.

Subrata Dutta

Subrata Dutta, the vice president in the office right now, is possibly one of the most qualified candidates for the AIFF Presidential election. The senior manager has extensive knowledge in managing at this level and has been involved in Indian football for a long time.

Along with being the Vice President of the South West Asian Football Federation, he is also currently the President of the Indian Football Association (IFA). Dutta, who was second in command to Patel in the crucial pecking order, is well-versed in the workings of the AIFF. Due to his degree of experience, he could be a strong favorite to get the job if he even attempts to compete.

Shaji Prabhakaran

When it comes to working in the great sport, the Keralite Shaji Prabhakaran has a tonne of experience. He has also put in work both on and off the field. The Delhi Football Association’s current president has previously held a variety of positions within Indian football. He spent four years as a coach at the Chandigarh Football Academy.

Additionally, he served as Delhi United FC’s president. Shaji has extensive knowledge of holding executive roles. For a brief period, he served as the FIFA South Central Asia Development Officer.

The Football Khelo Foundation was started by Prabhakaran as well. It aims to improve youth football in the nation and get more children to play the game. Shaji has a respectable chance of winning the position of AIFF President going ahead based on his résumé and prior experience serving as a president in Delhi.

Joydeep Mukherjee

In the West Bengal football community, Joydeep Mukherjee has developed a sterling reputation. In the past three years, he has contributed to the improvement of the Indian Football Association. IFA was heavily in debt and had financial difficulties when he was appointed general secretary in 2019. He nevertheless had a significant role in significantly improving their financial status and restructuring them.

The West Bengal football scene also gained notoriety under Mukherjee’s guidance. The IFA assisted in setting up the I-League in Kolkata and its location for the 2020–2021 and 202–2022 seasons. All of this was accomplished while adhering completely to the Covid-19 protocols.

Additionally, following a year-long hiatus brought on by Covid-19, he assisted in setting up Women’s Tournaments, significant youth-level events, and the Calcutta Football League. The IFA provided financial assistance to numerous football-related individuals who were in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mukherjee, who just left his position, undoubtedly contributed to the growth and structure of football in West Bengal. He might then consider running for President of the AIFF.

Tom Jose

Tom Jose has contributed to the continuous growth of football in the state ever since he was named president of the Kerala Football Association in 2019. Jose has been establishing a strong foundation for the development of football and football players in Kerala.

Under Jose, the Kerala Premier League and Kerala Women’s League have both seen increased interest and high-caliber hosting. Jose can be a viable candidate for the AIFF President position given his excellent efforts for Kerala Football in previous years.

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