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Who was Jean Libbera?

Jean Libbera, a renowned circus artist, was born in Rome in 1884. He was born as one of a total of 13 siblings, and he had a parasitic twin connected to his abdomen at birth. The twin was alive and capable of mobility. A cranial X-ray revealed the presence of a head enclosed within Jean’s body, measuring around six inches in circumference. Jean and his twin were joined at the chest-stomach area. The twin has two arms and two legs and is capable of experiencing feelings. Additionally, it had a rudimentary head that was partially lodged in Jean’s body.

Due to his peculiar condition, Jean Libbera was a popular attraction in sideshows and circuses. He was known by the title “The Double-Bodied Man”.

Early Life and Career

Jean Libbera was born into a family of thirteen members, one of whom unfortunately perished alongside a parasitic twin. In 1884, both Jean and Jacques were born in Rome. Jacques was the name given to Jean Libbera’s  parasitic twin; for many years, the pair traveled the United States together, earning a substantial livelihood from his brother. After getting married and having four children, Jean retired from the business and returned to Italy with his family. Jean (and Jacques) both died at the age of 50 in 1934.

Jean Libbera’s notoriety arose from his exceptional state of being, which rendered him a sought-after figure in sideshows. Bearing the nickname “The Double-Bodied Man,” he was exhibited in sideshows throughout the United States. Circus fans were captivated by Jean and Jacques Libbera, who appeared in numerous productions, including Laloo’s rival.

Wikipedia Profile

Full NameJean Libbera
Date of Birth 1884
AgePassed away at the age of 50
Birth CountryItaly
ProfessionCircus Player
SchoolWill Update Soon
Place of BirthRome, Italy
Children4 Children
Net Worth$200K-1M

Personal Life

Following her marriage, Jean Libbera had four typical children. In order to devote more time to his family, he ultimately departed from the circus industry as a dedicated family man. His family and he returned to Italy, where he resided until his death in 1934.

What was the Net Worth of Jean Libbera?

The net worth of Jean Libbera was approximately $200K-1M .


What was the religion of Jean Libbera?

Jean Libbera followd Christianity.

What was the age of Jean Libbera at the time of his demise?

Jean Libbera passed away at the age of 50.

What was place of birth of Jean Libbera?

Jean Libbera was born in Rome, Italy.

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