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The Ghatna Chakra Book is a renowned publication that has achieved significant popularity among Indian competitive exam candidates. The Ghatna Chakra book series is widely used as a valuable resource for a variety of competitive exams in India. It encompasses a broad spectrum of topics, such as UPPCS, Indian History, and General Science.

Ghatna Chakra General Geography & Economy & Social Development & Environment & Ecology & General Science & History & Polity & Governance 2022 Set Of 6 Original Book English Medium

Ghatna Chakra Purvavlokan Geography 2023 (English)

Ghatna Chakra Purvavlokan Indian Polity And Governance 2023 (English)


Ghatna Chakra | G S Pointer | Hindi Medium | 2023 Edition


Ghatna Chakra UP Police Constable 2024 Exam Book and Study Material सामान्य ज्ञान | सामान्य हिन्दी | संख्यात्मक एवं मानसिक योग्यता | मानसिक अभिरुचि | बुद्धिलब्धि एवं तार्किक क्षमता 

What are the Key Features of the Ghatna Chakra Books?

The key features of the Ghatna Chakra Books are:

Topic Coverage

The Ghatna Chakra Book covers a wide variety of topics, including General Knowledge, Current Affairs, English Language, Mathematics, and other subjects. The extensive coverage of this application makes it important for those who are preparing for tests such as the SSC, UPSC, and numerous state-level government exams.

Updated Information

One of the most notable features of the Ghatna Chakra Book is its dedication to giving up-to-date information. The content is updated regularly to reflect the dynamic character of competitive tests, ensuring that applicants are well-prepared for any changes in exam patterns.

Previous Year Papers and Practice Sets

The book contains a lot of practice sets and past-year question papers, allowing candidates to determine their level of preparation and familiarise themselves with the test format. The practical learning method improves the efficiency of the book.

Very Easy to Understand

The Ghatna Chakra Book receives praise for its simple language and clear explanations. Complex subjects are simplified into more basic terminology, thereby ensuring accessibility to a broad range of individuals.

Experiences of the Users

Several candidates have shared their achievements, crediting a substantial portion of their accomplishments to the Ghatna Chakra Book. The inclusion of practice sets and previous-year papers in the book proved to be quite beneficial in introducing students to the examination format, finally resulting in improved performance in the actual examinations.

Some Positive Reviews by Users

  • “What distinguishes Ghatna Chakra is its dedication to staying updated. The current affairs portion is particularly remarkable, delivering up-to-date material critical for competitive exams.”
  • “I like how clear the concepts are in this book.” The language is simple to understand, making it appropriate for candidates from a variety of academic backgrounds.”
  • “For any serious aspirant, the Ghatna Chakra Book is a treasure . The extensive explanations of ideas, as well as the inclusion of multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter, not only reinforce your learning but also help in self-assessment.”

These positive evaluations show the variety of benefits and strengths found by aspirants in the Ghatna Chakra Book.

Critical Feedback

Some people have voiced concern about the availability of the books, such as “GHATNA CHAKRA 2023 FOR UPPCS,” which is primarily focused on UPPCS questions.


The Ghatna Chakra book series appears to be focused on assisting students in preparing for distinct competitive exams, and users have found it useful for a variety of exam preparations. If you are a beginner or an experienced candidate, the Ghatna Chakra Book is a valuable resource to improve your readiness and increase your chances of achieving success.

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