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east bengal vs mohun bagan

The Kolkata Derby is the biggest and the most followed derby in Asia. Known for its vibrance and exuberance the derby has attracted millions of spectators over the years. The passion and dedication of the players along with their fans lits the atmosphere of the City of Joy. In spite of the quality of football not being to international standards, the craze and infatuation with the mega derby make the occasion an auspicious one. Clash of the arch-rivals: East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan is always a marquee fixture. The players taking part from both teams are ready to shed blood but do not give an inch of space on the field. Over the years the fans have had enormous dissention on Who is Better East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan. The argument is never ending and the conclusion could not be drawn even by the experts over decades.

Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal Who is Better


East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan has been a glorious chapter in the history of Indian football. Since 1920 after the establishment of the East Bengal club, this rivalry between the two historic clubs from Kolkata has been the face of Indian football. Many people from outside India come to know about Indian football from the Kolkata Derby.

East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan

Hereby given are the parameters based on which the comparison will be made.


Mohun Bagan club was established in 1889 and is one of the oldest clubs in India. The East Bengal club was founded in 1920 by members from Eastern Bengal which is presently known as Bangladesh. As a result, people who migrated from there are mainly supporters of East Bengal. Meanwhile, people from the western part of Bengal represent Mohun Bagan and are also called “Ghotis” locally. East Bengal supporters in local accents are called “Bangals”. The “Ghoti-Bangal” tussle has been there for over a century now and has even been the cause of numerous casualties among the fans.

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Both the Kolkata giants have rich heritage and high sentiment. Playing in barefoot, Mohun Bagan defeated the British club East Yorkshire Regiment in 1911 to win the IFA Shield. This goes in the history books as one of the biggest victories not only for Mohun Bagan but for Indian Football. They defeated the British club 2-1 to win the Shield.

East Bengal on the other hand show up their Asian Cup victory in 2003 as their biggest achievement. Defeating a number of highly skilled South Asian clubs, East Bengal appeared victorious in the tournament. This remains a defining moment in Indian Football.

First Meeting

Records from the newspaper suggest that the first meeting of East Bengal and Mohun Bagan was on August 8, 1921, in the Cooch Behar Cup which ended in a goalless draw. The match was replayed on August 10, 1921, when Mohun Bagan won 3-0. Their first meeting in the Calcutta Football League (CFL) was on May 28, 1925, at the Mohun Bagan Ground which East Bengal won 1-0 with the solitary goal from Nepal Chakraborty. This was the first official derby between the two giants.

Jersey Colors

The Red and Gold symbolize East Bengal while Mohun Bagan has the historical Green and Maroon as their own traditional colors.east bengal vs mohun baga jersey

Derby Statistics

Stats will speak on who is better in East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan battle. The all-time derby statistics are given below:

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Top Scorers

Bhaichung Bhutia is the all-time top scorer in the Kolkata derby with 19 goals in his bag. Jose Barreto has the highest number of derby goals among all the foreigners.Eb vs mb

The list of the top scorers in derby is given below:

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Trophy Count

Total number of trophies for both the Kolkata giants are:

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Biggest Derby Wins

History book shows the biggest derby wins ever as:

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east bengal vs mohun bagan


This lists all the relevant data on Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal.

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