Dravid looks to Finalise the Indian World Cup Squad

rahul dravid indian team coach

India’s head coach Rahul Dravid has expressed his desire to finalise the Indian T20 World Cup Squad as quickly as possible. It is massively important for the squad to play together as a unit for a number of matches before they enter into a high profile tournament like the World Cup.

Previously, India committed the same mistake of making changes to the squad at the last moment and has also been penalised for the same.

So the Indian head coach wants to make sure that the same mistake isn’t repeated this time around. He spoke to the press on the following topics:

Players’ Utilising their Opportunities

“I was telling the guys that they have to bang the door down,” Dravid quoted after rain washed away the series decider between India and South Africa at Bengaluru.

“It is not about knocking on the door, they have to start banging the door down.

“We are going to start looking to finalise that squad as quickly as possible.

“Whether that will happen in the next series or the series after that is hard to tell, but we are certainly looking to do that as quickly as possible.”

Dinesh Karthik & Hardik Pandya duo

Talking about the selection of the veteran Dinesh Karthik owing to his IPL form, Dravid stated, “He (Karthik) is picked for a very specific skill and he was picked for that based on what he has been doing particularly well over the last two or three years.

“It almost came together perfectly for us in that game at Rajkot when we needed that big performance in the last five overs to be able to make a par score.

“He and Hardik (Pandya) batted beautifully for us and both of them are our enforcers at the end and guys that can capitalise on the last five or six overs as well as anyone in the world.

“It was really nice to see Karthik come off and do what he has been picked to do and it certainly opens up a lot more options for us going forward.

“Innings like that means he is certainly knocking very hard.”

Finalising India’s T20 World Cup Squad

The T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia is knocking at the door. Dravid aims to finalise the squad quickly.

“As you come closer to events you want to be able to finalise your final squad as quickly as possible,” Dravid noted.

“We can only take 15 to the World Cup, but you want to have your top 18 or 20 players (chosen)… and that you are clear on that and what type of squad you want to take to the World Cup.”

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