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Who was Anil Kadsur?

Anil Kadsur, a famous individual in the cycling and fitness world, made a significant impression with his continuous commitment and enthusiasm for the sport. He was born on June 15, 1978, in Bengaluru, India, and unfortunately died on February 2, 2024, at the age of 45. Kadsur’s constant commitment to cycling and physical well-being not only shattered records but also served as a source of inspiration for several enthusiasts, both locally and beyond.

Anil Kadsur wikipedia
Anil Kadsur


Anil Kadsur, being from Bengaluru, developed an intense passion for riding during his early years. His passion for the sport propelled him to achieve recognition as a prominent fitness figure and cyclist, recognized for his consistent 100-kilometer rides. His consistent dedication led to his being honored with the moniker “Century Cyclist,” which acknowledges his extraordinary accomplishment of cycling 100 kilometers daily.

Professional Career

Kadsur, with more than ten years of cycling experience and an incredible distance of 225,000 kilometers covered, was a highly skilled and successful cyclist. His distinctive cycling method, characterized by his utilization of a rotating collection of six fixed-gear bicycles, commonly referred to as “fixies,” separated him from others in the cycling community. Kadsur’s exceptional accomplishments and relentless commitment to perfection earned him the endearing nicknames “Cycle Yogi” and “Cycle Guru” from his colleagues and admirers.

Who is the wife of Anil Kadsur?

Anil Kadsur was married to Sindhu.


Anil Kadsur passed away due to Cardiac Arrest. Anil Kadsur, who was commonly referred to as the ‘century cyclist’, lived in Bengaluru. His inclination to cycle 100 kilometers every day made him a well-liked person among fitness fanatics. Regrettably, he died of a heart attack at the age of 45.

Wikipedia Profile

Full NameAnil Kadsur
Date of Birth June 15, 1978
AgePassed away at the age of 45-46
Birth PlaceBengaluru, India
CasteGeneral (Most Probably)
Height 5feet 9-10 inches (approx)
Net WorthINR 1 crore-2 crore (approx)

What was the Net Worth of Anil Kadsur?

The net worth of Anil Kadsur was approximately INR 1 crore-2 crore.


What was the religion of Anil Kadsur?

Anil Kadsur followed Hindusim.

What was the age of Anil Kadsur?

Anil Kadsur passed away at the age of 45-46 (As of 2024).

What was the height of Anil Kadsur?

The height of Anil Kadsur was approximately 5 feet 9-10 inches.

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